Job Openings

We are currently reviewing applications for the upcoming winter season. You are welcome to apply for our current open positions.

Motivated applicants with great guest service skills are encouraged to apply.

Please be aware that incomplete applications will not be considered

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Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort's Expectations
Full-time applicants must be available opening week through April 12th, 2015. Part- time applicants must be available for 16 hours per week minimum.

Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort's Standards
As a Team Member of Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, you represent us to our guests. Therefore, we have high expectations regarding your personal appearance while working with us. The following guidelines have been set to help ensure our guests have the best experience possible.

Mens and women's hair must be neat, and clean and in some instances, tied back for safety reasons. Hair on both men and women must be a natural hair color (i.e. not green) and radical hairstyles are not allowed.

Facial Hair
Facial hair is allowed as long as it remains neat and trimmed at all times. Personal Hygiene: Neat personal and oral hygiene are vital. Extreme or offensive odors are not acceptable to our guests or Team Members.

Jewelry and Tattoos
Visible body piercing, including tongue piercing, is not allowed. Jewelry may be worn in the ears while on duty. For safety reasons, certain types of jewelry or earrings may not be allowed depending on the job. Visible tattoos must be discreet and non-offensive. General: we do not allow smoking or chewing of tobacco in uniform by staff. We also request that you refrain from swearing in the presence of all guests.

Drug-Free Workplace
Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort is committed to a drug free workplace. It is the intent of Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort to provide a healthy and productive work force and safe working conditions free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Drug testing is performed by random selection, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion. Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort's drug policy applies to all team members.

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